Small Christian Communities

It is a small group of

parishioners who gather in

His name to

PRAY together in their

homes.... REFLECT on holy

Scripture and the teachings

of the Catholic

Church... SHARE their faith

and grow spiritually

 SUPPORT each other, the

parish and the community

in charity.

They devoted themselves 
to the teachings of the 
apostles and to the communal 
life, to the breaking 
of the bread and to the 
prayers”( Acts 3:42 ).


“No one can believe alone. We believe because we are being carried by the faith of others and by our faith we support that of others ”

(Catechism of the Catholic Church).

Jesus promises to be with us in community. Its his gift to us. He calls us to holiness as ‘a people’ as well as individually. Our faith response is both communal and personal . By praying and sharing their faith the members of small Christian communities (SCC ) are able to reflect on God’s movement in their lives as well as in the lives of the others. This nourishing environment helps all to grow in fellowship with Christ and each other. It is this fellowship that gives birth to joy, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the infallible sign of His presence. 

The SCC mission is to be a bridge and support for all parishioners who wish to enrich their faith life and experience fellowship in Christ.

“Where two or three are 
gathered in my name , 
there am I in the midst of 
them” ( Matthew 18:20 ).